Local farmers and artisans are the heart of what makes good cooking. The selection of local vendors below are those that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know during my time volunteering at the Portland Farmers Market. I encourage you to stop by to say hi, buy their products, support the community, and of course, make an amazing locally-inspired meal.


Gathering Together Farms Spring Hill Farm Groundworks Organics Persephone Farms
Wobbly Cart Farm De Noble Farm Mustard Seed Farm


Fressen Bakery (Portland, OR) White Salmon Bakery (White Salmon, WA ) Tabor Bread (Portland, OR) Grand Central (Portland, OR)


Pasta and Macaroni: Pasta Del Sol (Estacada, OR) Pastaworks (Portland, OR)
Arborio Rice: People's Coop Lundberg (CA) Pastaworks (Italy)
Brown Rice: Gee Creek Mill (Ridgefield, WA) People's Coop Lundberg (CA)
Cornmeal Gee Creek Mill (Ridgefield, WA) Lonesome Whistle (Junction City, OR) People's Coop Lundberg (CA)
Quinoa: Lonesome Whistle (Junction City, OR) People's Coop Lundberg (Pacfic Northwest)
Oats: Gee Creek Mill (Ridgefield, WA) People's Coop Lundberg (Canada)


Olive Oil: La Bouffe Intl. (Spain) Pastaworks Unia (Spain) Domestic Grocer Olive Ranch (CA)
Vegetable Oil (Grapeseed / Canola): Domestic Grocer
Walnut Oil: Domestic Grocer


Red Wine Vinegar: La Bouffee Intl.
White Wine Vinegar: La Bouffee Intl.
Balsamic Vinegar: La Bouffee Intl.
Apple Cider Vinegar: People's Coop Bragg's (CA)
Specialty Vinegars: Blossoming Vinegars (OR)

Meats and Dairy:

Meat: Deck (Junction City, OR) Meat Monger (Pacific Northwest)
Eggs: Deck (Junction City, OR) Meat Monger (Pacific Northwest) People's Coop Country Egg (PNW)
Butter: People's Coop Mother's Choice (OR) Pastaworks Deletia (Italy)
Yogurt: Nancy's (Eugene, OR)
Milk/Cream: Garry's (Mulino, Oregon)
Various Imported Cheeses: Pastaworks (Italy)
Fresh Goat Cheeses: Golden Artisan Cheese (OR) Jacobs Creamery (OR) Pastaworks (Italy)
Fish: Flying Fish Company (Various)


Chickpeas: Gee Creek Mill (Ridgefield, WA) Food Coop (Unkonwn Origin)
Red Beans: Gee Creek Mill (Ridgefield, WA) Food Coop (WA)
Lentils: People's Cooperative (Unknown Origin) Food Coop (Unkonwn Origin)


Various Spices: Mountain Rose Herbs (Various) People's Coop (Various)


Wild Mushrooms: Rick's Wild Mushrooms

Nuts and Seeds:

Walnuts: Oregon Walnuts (OR) People's Coop (Unknown Origin)
Hazelnuts: Freddy's Hazelnuts (OR) People's Coop (OR)
Pistachio: People's Coop (CA)
Sesame Seed: People's Coop (Unknown Origin)
Pistachio: People's Coop (Unknown Origin)
Pine Nuts: People's Coop (Unknown Origin)
Almonds: People's Coop (CA)

Specialty Items:

Olives: Pastaworks (Various)
Sardines: Grocer Wild Planet (Pacific) La Bouffe Intl. Matiz (Spain)
Saurkraut: Olykraut (Olympia, WA) Oregon Brineworks (OR)
Chocolate: Honey Mama's Chocolate (OR)
Tahini: La Bouffe Intl. Mid East ()


Honey: Boyd (OR) People's Coop


Whole Wheat Flours: Tabor Bread (Portland, OR) Gee Creek Mill (Ridgefield, WA) Bob's Red Mill (Clackamas, OR)
Semolina Flour: Tabor Bread (Portland, OR) Bob's Red Mill (Clackamas, OR)
White Flour: Kind Arthur (VT) Bob's Red Mill (Clackamas, OR)
Specialty Flours: Tabor Bread (Portland, OR)