Community-Inspired Cuisine

My mission is to build community around food. It’s about connecting with the local farmers, artisans, and winemakers, then gathering people together to share a meal. My intention is not to create another how-to-cook food blog, but rather provide a template for creating intentional culinary experiences. Experiences where you engage in the local market economy, connect with the local environment, and you put all the love you have into the meals you make. For me, personally, it’s my way of making the Pacific Northwest my home

The Sourcing Guide

A comprehensive guide to shopping locally, supporting the community, and finding the best products in th Portland, Oregon for the best price.

Natural Wines


A collection of natural wines produced in the Columbia Gorge and Columbia Valley from the top underground winemakers in the Pacific Northwest.

Cooking Guides


Practical cooking guides with tips on how to cook with economy and grace, using traditional techniques, and how to engage with the local food community.

Local Vendors


A curated list of some of my favorite vendors and farmers at the PSU Farmers market in downtown Portland, Oregon with a few other select local producers around town.

About Me


I’m Daniel Lucas—a food advocate and activist dedicated to developing, promoting and maintaining sustainable food systems. I also love to cook. In a lot of ways, I think cooking is the most easy, practical, and accessible way for someone to better themselves, the community, and the planet. My vision is to recreate a traditional approach to food, which I personally believe is part of the solution to creating a more sustainable future. Not just in the sense of culinary technique, but more-so in philosophy. Traditionally, people ate what was available, and they ate together. Modern society and advanced agricultural technology have led to increasingly more atomic diets.

My goal is to gracefully break down those barriers so that we can reconnect with both our food and our community. In the most fundamental sense, this means maximizing the amount of foods that are sourced locally from farmers that are dedicated to producing sustainable, nutrient dense foods. A consequence of eating local is eating seasonally, which in the temperate climate of the Pacific-Northwest, that means eating foods of all kinds—i.e. both vegetables and animal products. It’s both a root-to-leaf and nose-to-tail approach that is as healthy as it is practical.